New Allen West Ad is Brutal But Also Effective

by Justin Snyder

UPDATE: (2:19 PM)  Allen West’s Campaign is up with a new website questioning whether Patrick Murphy is qualified for office: Visit it HERE

Say what you want about Congressman Allen West. He’s an extremist (which he is), he’s crazy (which he is), he’s aloof (which he is), but this new ad that his campaign put out today will prove to be a devastating blow to the Patrick Murphy campaign. Why didn’t the Murphy campaign get in front of this issue?  For a campaign with a candidate with very low name ID, no legislative experience, and weak ground game taking the high road on attacking Allen West is probably not the best strategy. Murphy’s campaign has been one step behind the entire campaign and this ad just said that to 200,000 registered voters in Florida CD 18.

Dems need to fight back against these aggressors and blowhards. Not take the high road.  Full disclosure: For those of you who don’t know me or couldn’t tell,  I am a registered Democrat. But, I’m one who wont sit idly by as radical blowhards like Allen West control the national conversation and prevent progress on some of our nations most pressing issues.

There’s a great scene in the movie Ides of March that’s very fitting to this situation and to the greater problem the Democratic Party has.

“You’re right, this is exactly what the Republicans do, and it’s about time we learned from them. They’re meaner, tougher and more disciplined than we are. I’ve been in this business for twenty five years and I’ve seen way too many Democrats bite the dust because they wouldn’t get down in the mud with the fucking elephants.”

Your ship is taking on water Patrick. Don’t let it sink.